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RAM Peripherals LTD offers secure flash drives with a built-in hardware encryption engine that prevents unauthorised access.

[MERTON, 29/08/2018] — Data protection is a necessity in today’s digital age. Lost or stolen USB sticks or hard drives present the risk of personal information breach and violation of privacy. RAM Peripherals LTD offer highly secure flash drives that help protect confidential business data.

Encrypted Portable Storage

RAM Peripherals supplies a broad range of highly encrypted USB sticks for various applications. The storage devices come with an easy-to-use keypad for inputting a PIN code. The code ensures that the data is protected if the stick is stolen or misplaced.

The company’s encrypted USB sticks are compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows and capable of fast transfer speeds. Their range of devices includes USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 drives. To ensure total protection of data, the devices comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

A Range of Secure USB Sticks

From 32GB to 2TB USB sticks, RAM Peripherals’ wide selection of data storage devices is suitable for personal or business use.

The datAshur Personal 2, also known as USB 3.0 flash drive, can be used to store confidential data for a business. The 64GB flash drive features a rechargeable battery that allows users to enter a 7 to 15 digit PIN code. Before it is plugged into a device’s USB port, the code must be keyed in to access the data.

All data transferred to the USB is encrypted immediately using its hardware encryption engine. The engine protects the data from unauthorised access and automatically locks access to the data when unplugged from a device.

For businesses, using RAM Peripherals’ encrypted USB drives is one way to enhance data protection strategies.

About RAM Peripherals

RAM Peripherals supplies high-quality technology products and exceptional customer service. In addition to their encrypted portable storage devices, they offer a broad range of CD, DVD and USB duplicators and 3D printing machines. Their product range is sourced from the most trusted technology brands on the market, including MakerBot, CraftBot and Ultimaker.

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