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Increase the team’s productivity through a cloud-based project management software. Loadspring’s LoadSpringMobile enables field teams to update and share project information anytime, anywhere.

[WILMINGTON, 8/29/2018]—According to research and advisory company Gartner, Inc. the market for worldwide public cloud services will amount to a total of $186.4 billion in 2018, up 21.4 percent from the $153.5 billion in 2017. It shows the growth of companies switching from traditional IT services to cloud-based storage and management. That is where Loadspring comes in.

Loadspring is a leading host of project management software, launched further innovation for cloud-based technologies with LoadSpringMobile. It is project collaboration and information sharing made easy.

Project Management on the Go

LoadSpringMobile is a mobile interface that increases employee productivity and information flow by letting field teams access project information anytime and anywhere.

Project management software like Oracle Primavera 6 and Contract Management can be accessed on LoadSpringMobile in a single, uncluttered screen. This allows field teams to report on their status and connect to multiple databases without any complication. Additionally, LoadSpringMobile’s interface is customizable so users can add application functionality as needed.

LoadSpringMobile lets users view and update information and make the most of Loadspring cloud. It’s available on any mobile device, whether through a smartphone, an iPad, or a tablet. Fieldwork is a thousand times easier.

With this ease of access, LoadSpringMobile makes cloud-based project management even more effortless, compact, and accessible with only a few clicks.

About Loadspring

Loadspring develops and provides cloud-based project management software. They host project management applications like Oracle Primavera 6 and Contract Management, with access to a mobile interface called LoadSpringMobile.

Loadspring also provides support and solutions for Fortune 100 companies in different industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, healthcare, and transportation.

Founded in 1999 and based in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Loadspring has now grown to an organization with data centers in Boston, San Diego, Canada, United Kingdom, and Japan.

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