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Mobile phones offer great functionality and have become a companion for most of the people without which they cannot imagine their life.However, being electronic devices the mobile phones are quite sensitive and need to be protected from any damage. Especially the touch screen is very sensitive that it can be easily get scratched with other objects in your pocket like coins or keys and at the same time an accidental fall of the mobile may result in the breakage of the display screen of the mobile. To avoid such hassles you can now checkout for the best mobile accessory in the market the tempered mobile screen protector. Though there are many companies offering these tempered glass to protect the screen display it is Mobile Phone Guard that has emerged as the leader in the industry for the innovative and high quality tempered glasses that are designed to suit each and every model of the mobile phones available in the market. This best screen protector manufacturer offer their tempered glass that undergoes more than 4 hour high temperature toughening, 9H hardness, scratch and finger print resistant, hydrophobic and oleophobic coating 3D full coverage and other specifications that makes this brand stand out from the rest in the market.

The glass screen protector manufacturer, Mobile Phone Guard have experts in research development and designing offering a range of tempered glass like double strength tempered glass, anti-blue light tempered glass, 3D curved full cover tempered glass, Carbon Fiber 3D tempered glass, full glue curved tempered glass, mirror tempered glass collection, privacy glass tempered glass and many more for you to make a choice. The manufacturer keeps in touch with all mobile companies like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and many more to bring out their tempered glass according to the latest mobile models that are being launched by these companies. All the tempered glass from the manufacturer undergoes transmittance testing, water droplets testing, anti-finger and anti-scratch testing and also ball drop testing to test the sturdiness of the tempered glass that can sustain in any situation and protect the mobile screen display.

All the tempered glasses from the manufacturer comes in a stylish design with high transparency and ultra-clear to enhance the HD visual experience of your mobile phone. Only Japan quality AB glue is used that is east to apply on the mobile excluding bubbles automatically. The glass is also comes in 2.5D edge that won’t hurt your fingers. Moreover, you can also avail a refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product delivered to you.

Mobilephoneguard is the best screen protector manufacturer company in China, offering various types of glasses for all types of Mobile phones. We use high quality Finest- Asahi glass material, it will protect your phone from all the injuries safely and efficiently. Book our service now at

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