Gator Leak Detection–Provides Best Service with Latest Pool Leak Detection Equipment

Gator Leak detection is a customer friendly pool service providing company in FL with latest pool leak detection equipment’s. Their team of experts precisely address the problems faced by pool owners and solve them within short span of time. With the help of latest technology, they detect the exact spot of water leak without making any damage to the surrounding yards and its plumbing structure.

How to detect a pool leak?

Pool owners go through major hurdles on how to detect the exact spot of water leakage and find it more time consuming due to their busy work schedule. Sometimes, your pool will naturally lose some water due to evaporation. The best advice is to hire a professional who can detect the leak without any damage surrounding yard. There are certain tests which you should perform in order to know the leakage of water.

Bucket test

This test should be done at least once a month to know the exact amount of water leakage. The bucket should be filled with 5 gallons of water and placed near the steps of the pool without immersing it in pool water. Mark the water level outside the bucket. Mark the level of pool water and turn on the pump operation. Compare the water levels in bucket and pool after 24 hours. If the pool water level is reduced more than that of bucket water than there must be a leak in your pool.

Gator Leak Detection Process

Gator Leak Detection experts first completely inspect the pool pumps and surface to detect a leak. If this process fails, they perform dye test and ultrasonic listening device which is specially designed to pinpoint the leaky place in your pool. By this test, they find the leaky place and repair it perfectly. Gator leak detection primarily focuses on pool leak and set up a plan to remove the leakage spots in and around the pool without any disturbance to the yard.

About Gator Leak Detection

Gator Leak Detection offers best swimming pool leak detection and repair service in Florida. They have licensed leak experts who will help to find a leak in your swimming pool. They use various methods and modern equipments to detect the leak and repair it within a day. If you notice a leak in your pool, contact Gator Leak Detection at

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