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RERA meaning:

RERA is a government act whose only objective is to safeguard the interest of buyers by forcing the builders including the real estate agents to give genuine services to the purchaser which are authenticated under the purview of law. They must therefore be registered under the RERA guidelines before involving in any real estate construction, sale or purchase.

Laws pertaining to the Real estate agent:

The estate agent is bound by certain rules and regulations to perform his “services” that are legally acceptable and valid under the act. Services include purchase, sale or resale of a property to the buyer.

Guidelines of RERA for real estate agents:

1. As per RERA Consultant (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016), an agent needs to be a registered real estate agent before he can facilitate the sale/purchase of properties in a real estate projects registered u/s 3 of the Act.

2. An unregistered real estate agent is now barred under the act to facilitate the sale/purchase of properties in a real estate projects registered u/s 3 of the Act without obtaining registration under section 9.

3. An unregistered real estate agent who acts without registration must face hefty penalties if he is engaged in the sale or purchase of properties registered u/s 3.

Role of the RERA consultant in India

Since the inception of Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016, the importance of consultancy services relating to property rights, disputes and queries has become quite significant in short time.

The main objective of a RERA consultant to guide the people related to real estate evaluate genuine dealings in the purchase or sale of a property. Although the guidelines drafted by the RERA body for promoters are simple to understand and follow, but this new law needs quite an awareness amongst both the general public and the promoters.

People search for options to help them research this subject on property matters but need exposure on each section clearly so that they are clearly acquainted of their particular rights. A RERA Consultant is the best link between the RERA and the buyer or public. He also guides the promotes as well.

A RERA consultant can directly become a benefactor to the consulter and remove doubts or confusion relating to any or specific matters in detail so the person will be cautious before purchasing any doubtful property.

Intygrat offers genuine consulting services to the promoters and the agents how to get valid registration under RERA. The team has professional lawyers who are well versed with property matters relating to this act which prove beneficial for everybody.

Being a property solutions provider to everyone, Intygrat gives genuine practical answers to scrutinize every bit of a property matter on purchase, sale and settlement. It also makes us well informed and well read about the present scenario of Govt. laws pertaining to property disputes.

With the help of Intygrat, RERA Consultant is deemed to become an easy chapter for everyone to read and follow because if you are aware in the first step, you can put your next step forward with success!

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