Seiko Chronograph Quartz SKS609 SKS609P1 SKS609P Men’s Watch

Why it’s important?

Aviation-related horology values precision engineering a bit more than the other sectors. The precise tolerances of the aviation watches and their accurate measurements encompass many distinctive calculations that range from the traditional types to the most essential in modern airborne warfare. The only place where the Seiko Chronograph Quartz SKS609 SKS609P1 SKS609P Men’s Watch differs with such precise instruments is the tachymeter; a lack of which makes it more suitable for the civilian clothing in an urban life, where getting closer to the cockpit never gets any closer than traveling Business Class.

A quick glance

The chapter ring along the inner periphery of the dial hosts the minutes-sequence at 5 second intervals, marked in between in increments of one second. For night time viewing, there are the big blocks laid around the outer periphery of the main dial. The steel grey and subdued yellow markings keep things pretty subtle while the real hit is produced by the hour-marking blocks. The date wheel in the usual black-white motif shows clearly through the date window at 4; even under low-light situation when the lume burns bright! Its reflection on the skeleton hands is enough for a clean view amidst darkness and if you look a little hard, the sub-dials will become visible.

Other differences

The Seiko Chronograph Quartz SKS609 SKS609P1 SKS609P Men’s Watch is not entirely like the fliegers or, it doesn’t also have any intricate slide rule flight computer; its huge, yellow flight instrument style sub-dials, however, exemplify its flying inclinations.

The Seiko Chronograph Quartz SKS609 SKS609P1 SKS609P Men’s Watch doesn’t carry a nickname; neither does it claim to be from a military or aviation background. But few of its features resemble those from the world of flying, magnificent machines. The chrono-mode is also bit different than the rest; the large seconds-hand is a continuous-sweep seconds indicator while the stop-watch shows the seconds through the sub-dial at 6:00.

Does that create trouble?

This is one inspiration coming from the historical industrial backgrounds. It’s fanciful to look at yet create their own interpretation that doesn’t look bad gracing a real pilot’s wrist. Whether it’s really useful in the cockpit is a separate issue and the Seiko Chronograph Watches wins in that category too! It’s not anywhere near to a sophisticated, digital flight computer alright, but it hardly matters. Digital looks too look quite charming, but nowhere near the charm of a vintage-styled analogue!

What you must!

Swing the upgrade and take great fun in exploring the extremely accurate chronograph function! With the 12/24 hour indicator, you can avoid jet lags. It’s the way you interpret this functional aesthetic. Handsome, masculine and detailed; yet not loud! Pieces like the Seiko Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch are pretty rare to come by, more so with a deceptively smooth quartz movement. Its jet-plane looks; however, doesn’t really sit well with its plain Jane price!