6 Advantages of Architectural 3D Visualization and 3D rendering services

Architectural 3D Visualization has achieved 100% growth year on year and is an indispensable part of AEC and Real estate fraternity. 3D rendering services support conceptual designing by visually depicting an Architect’s thought process creatively. Many 3D rendering companies offer photorealistic and highly detailed visual renderings for buildings, landscape, house plans, photomontages etc. which are used by Architectural and Interior Design firms. Countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe have been utilizing this new technology to fulfil most of their design and development requirements. Large construction companies in USA work on large scale billion dollar construction projects, which utilize 3D rendering services for presentation and marketing.

Architectural 3D visualization projects are very interesting and profitable proposition from a business perspective. They need to be highly detailed, photorealistic and in high definition format these days. Let us decode the benefits of using 3D rendering services and how they help in designing and pre-construction.

6 Advantages of Architectural 3D Visualization and 3D rendering services
Improved Design presentation
Using 3D rendering in the design process has been very well accepted. Architectural 3D rendering provides a creative edge to most of the designs conceptualized by Architects. These Architects usually create a design sketch based on requirements manually or using 2D AutoCAD software. This only gave an idea of the dimension, area, overall planning etc. However, the usage of the 3D rendering process has changed the face of design presentations. Now an Architect can present their designs with colors, lighting, details, materials, landscape etc. which will make the design look visually pleasing and will boost the sales of any building design.

Eases post-construction process
Architectural and Interior design firms globally need to see a bigger picture when using 3D rendering services. Since any client can virtually see how a building would look like after construction, the client and the end user can make required changes during the visualization stage and before the construction stage. Presentation renderings from an interior design perspective help the client identify their furnishing requirements, wall colors, furniture layouts etc. When most of the changes get completed in the visualization stage, the on-site construction process is faster and reduces rework or design changes. Potential design problems can be validated and rectified prior to construction.

Increased profitability
Architectural 3D visualization is very cost effective and profitable proposition. Since there is a considerable decrease in the re-work that took place during construction in absence of virtual tech enology. Marketing and sales in real estate business have boosted tremendously due to 3D visualization services. Instead of using physical thermocol 3d models and blueprints, Architectural companies and Real estate owners are using photorealistic 3D rendering images to present designs in form of 3D House plans, floor plans, Interior and exterior renderings etc. One can also develop 3D Animations and virtual walkthrough to present their interiors in a much cost effective and better way.

Develop multiple design options
Developing a physical 3d model does not give an Architect or Interior designer freedom to explore multiple design options. This process is extremely time-consuming. Using virtual technology puts an end to this limitation, hence 3D rendering services become an excellent source of design here. One can design as much as options with different color codes, plans, furnishing, landscape etc. These options can be tweaked based on the client needs, virtually within the renderings before construction. This is a quick process and can present a different type of designs with ease and photorealism.

Design Precision and realism
Architectural visualization relies on AutoCAD files and design requirements the client provide to us. These design requirements indicate the flooring, tiling pattern, material finishes, lighting and views, furniture layout plan etc. Since is the base, you can always expect a high level of accuracy, photorealism, and location-specific interior designs. We also create visually impactful photo montaging by merging the actual site with the 3D rendering images developed by Architectural renderers.

Fast and wide-spread outreach
Since 3D rendered images are digital, sharing and using them for marketing is very easy. While with physical design models, one has to transport it with caution, here you can just create high-resolution images which can be uploaded on the internet or emailed for review. It is easy to create different frames and develop a video animation is viewed by thousands of people. Owing to different social media platforms the outreach of 3D renderings have grown tremendously which in turn as benefitted the Architectural and Real estate industry. 3D visualization services are very popular owing to these benefits, however making it profitable has a different approach altogether.

Architectural 3D Visualization Services
Architectural 3D Visualization Services

How To Make Architectural 3D Visualization Services Profitable?
Though there are many long-term benefits tied up with Architectural visualization, rendering photorealistic images and developing 3D walkthrough or animation is a time-consuming task. Moreover, the technical infrastructure requirements to accomplish the rendering process is high and very expensive. Hence implementing the outsourcing model for 3D visualization services makes it more profitable. The core competency of Architectural companies is designing and conceptualizing a building. Real estate companies need to focus on marketing and selling the plans, buildings, house types etc. Hence such companies should outsource 3D rendering services and reduce project management, overhead costs etc.

Investing in software, computers, plug-ins and human resource can increase your cost by 70%, in turn, if you outsource your Architectural visualization requirements, you can reduce these costs and increase your profitability. There are many 3D rendering companies in India that are masters of this trade. These companies have high-end rendering machines, 3D artists, and Architects who provide highly photorealistic and visually impactful rendering. These companies are skilled and trained in developing Architectural 3d rendering images for international locations based on the standards of furnishing, plantations, landscape, roof, brick types and many such typical requirements. You will as a company enjoy seamless communication, fast turnaround, and cost-effective hourly rates when you choose 3D rendering companies in India for your project execution.

As a matter of fact, owing to all these factors India has become one of the most powerful and sought after option for any country to turn to for any of their Architectural Design services. Apart from 3D rendering services, there are many other interactive marketing tools that can be developed for client interactions and design presentations.