Eli Sklar at Citizens Bank Offers high level financial residential mortgage vehicle with $0 mortgage insurance Exclusively for Medical and Professional Clients

Citizens Bank’s, Senior Loan Officer, Eli Sklar, is delighted to announce a new comprehensive financial mortgage vehicle designed for healthcare and professional business clients in the medical fields. Doctors often start their residencies with a lot of student debt but have high earning potential, and this loan is designed to accommodate that. This loan can help qualified physicians and dentists acquire a residential mortgage loan with zero mortgage insurance and minimal down payment.
Eli Sklar recognizes the unique financial needs of medical and professional clients and wants to support them as they start or grow their career, this includes those professionals starting to work for a practice, transitioning to a new practice or having an established practice. This inclusive package provides flexible financing options, cash flow management services, personal banking and mortgage benefits for medical professionals.
Let Eli Sklar help you finance your home purchase. Receive guidance that’s tailored to your unique situation and help finding a home loan right for your needs. He will work with you every step of the way, from application until closing.

Advantages of this high level financing to medical professionals:

 Put as little as 5% down on mortgages up to $850,000 loan amount and 10% down on mortgages up to $1,500,000 (some limitations apply)
 A doctor coming out of residency can start your new position up to 60 days after closing
 Student loan debt may be excluded from the total debt calculation
 Choose from a range of fixed-and adjustable-rate loans including interest only
 If there is a larger purchase the medical professional is looking to finance, Citizens will provide up to 90% financing up to $2,500,000 loan amount. This is done through a first loan of 80% and 10% simultaneous closing.

About Eli Sklar

Eli Sklar is a Senior Loan Officer at Citizens Bank whom you can count on to listen to your needs before recommending a mortgage solution for your home purchase or refinance. His goal is to help clients find the mortgage that’s right for them, which is why he’s committed to answering any questions – big or small. With many years of experience in the mortgage industry, Eli has put his expertise to work for many satisfied clients. Citizens Bank offers a variety of home loan programs to suit just about everyone’s need. It’s never too early to explore your options, so contact him today!
For more information please visit https://elisklar.website/ or you can kindly send a mail eli.sklar@citizensbank.com.