Mogen Korea one of the product BLDC Motor and Air-conditioner Fan Motor in Korea

Mogen Korea, a company endlessly conducting researches and making with accumulated technology and passion the world is now facing environmental crises and resource crises. Climate issues of global level are threatening survival of the mankind through climate disasters and destruction of eco systems. Faced with the dire need for greenhouse gas reduction and development of alternative energy to replace fossil fuels, the world is spurring Reduction of CO2 gas and development of environment-friendly energy.

Thus, we at Mogen Korea, as a company that produces, researches and develops high-efficiency motors and related products that play crucial roles in green growth, new-growth drive and new & reusable energy, have been engaged in production of motor & generator core blanking, mini wind turbines, engine generators, military motors and industrial motors.
BLDC Motor
BLDC Motor Product of Mogen Korea, the company that always doing utmost research and effort with accumulated technology and passion, Mogen Korea`s BLDC Motor with space-saving and energy-saving through weight reduction and miniaturization.
Air-conditioner Fan Motor
Featuring point
Low noise / Long life
High quality
PWM speed control
Small size
High efficiency
Application field
Fan motor for air conditioner outdoor unit
Motor for greenhouse ventilation
Rated input Voltage 310V DC
Rated output 450W / Maximum output 700W
Rated rotation speed 1,300RPM
Small Wind Generator
Mogen Korea`s wind generator is scalable in low-speed, maximize efficiency and utility.
Small wind power generation, street lamp, hybrid power generation, and independent generation in island and mountain areas.
Capacity : 500W, 1000W
Type : Coreless type, Vertical axis
Voltage : 24V, 36V
Rated speed : 350rpm / 600rpm
Comparative strengths over competitors
Highly efficient, competitive price, power generation at low speed, and coreless type
A company specializing in development of small motor cores
A company specializing in development and production of small wind generators
To assemble motor and generator-based electric and electronic components and establish a system to produce finished goods

Are you looking for Industrial BLDC Motor manufacturer in Korea and Engine Generator korea? Mogen Korea specialized in supplying traction bldc motor. our motor with space-saving and energy-saving through weight reduction and miniaturization