How Facelifts Can Be Combined With Liposuction To Enhance Benefits

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Facelift surgery is a very popular procedure for patients who desire smoother skin and a youthful appearance. It is a procedure that turns back the hands of time. However, for some patients, in addition to sagging skin and wrinkles they are affected by a loss of volume in the upper cheeks which may require facial fat transfer to be combined with a facelift surgery. This procedure can address specific areas that have volume loss without adding to any recovery time. This fat transfer technique can further enhance overall rejuvenation of the patient’s face.

Fat transfer can be done via liposuction in Dubai where excess fat is removed from areas such as the abdomen and thighs. The excess fat cells are then injected into areas of the face that requires volume restoration. Dr. Hasan Ali says, “While this is an effective surgery for some patients undergoing facelift, it is not something all patients may need. We assess this on a case by case basis”.

Patients that may require this procedure enjoy potential benefits added to the facelift procedure specifically the advantages of liposuction from certain areas in the body to harvest fat cells and restore volume to facial features such as the cheeks. And the facelift itself reduces sagging skin and signs of aging. The results are known to last for very long periods of time.

Dr. Hasan Ali notes that, “Liposuction can be combined with other procedures. When combined with a facelift procedure for instance, it serves to enhance the outcome and improve a range of aesthetic issues in patients for comprehensive and desired results”.

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