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People turn to liposuction to transform their appearance. It is an effective and safe method of removing fat from the body. Many times certain parts of the body cannot eliminate fat just through diet and exercise. Areas such as the face, neck, back and upper arms are unable to get rid of fat through traditional fitness methods. Such areas will only respond to liposuction.
Liposuction offers not just physical change to a person’s body but also makes them feel good. For many who struggle with body appearance and want to enhance and improve their physical self will benefit greatly from liposuction as it helps transform to a better and more improved version of themselves. “This will give many the confidence to live the life they’ve always desired”, says Dr. Hassan Ali, Plastic Surgeon at Hasan Surgery.
The good news about liposuction in Dubai is that it can go hand in hand with other plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck and facial plastic surgery.
Due to the advancement of technology and techniques, liposuction has become a safe procedure that many people are excited to try out. The patient can collaborate with Hasan Surgery to achieve the best results they’ve long desired. The plastic surgeon in Dubai will discuss at length the benefits of liposuction, particularly how it can benefit the mental and emotional wellbeing of a person. The procedure is not only safe but it is also pain-free.
Dr. Hasan Ali further notes that, “We only remove fat from certain parts of the patient’s body. We are mindful of the fact that the procedure is there to eliminate fat from hard places that cannot be removed through regular diet and exercise. Our goal is to always put our patient’s best interest ahead of everything and the surgery is done in a comfortable and safe setting”.

About Us
Hasan Surgery is a plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery center in Dubai. With Hasan surgery there is finally a safe and proven approach to achieve your desired figure. We have the expertise and experience of being a premier cosmetic clinic with a team made up of international doctors, specialists and surgeons. Our patients have access to world-class treatment and we perform various procedures such as abdomen surgery, body lifts and thigh lifts to produce highly satisfying results. For more information, visit our website on https://www.hasansurgery.com/

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