Finger Lakes Family Dental: “Bring Your Smile Back with Dental Implants”

The New York-based dental clinic provides dental implant services to patients who wish to replace their missing teeth with a permanent solution that feels, looks, and functions naturally.

[PAINTED POST, 08/10/2018] — Finger Lakes Family Dental offers dental implants to individuals in New York to give them a better smile. Whether they have a missing tooth or more, a dental implant is a permanent solution to fill in the gaps.

The Dental Implant Process

The team at Finger Lakes Family Dental follows a procedure that ensures a high chance of treatment success.

The dental clinic relates, “The first thing we do is set a consultation and assess the patient’s dental state to see if you qualify for dental implantation. If all important factors, like jaw bone density and overall health, align, we will proceed to drafting a treatment plan.”

An experienced dental surgeon will supervise the treatment process. Post-surgery aftercare and implant maintenance will follow, Finger Lakes Family Dental adds.

Why Dental Implants

When replacing missing teeth, Finger Lakes Family Dental says that dentures are a popular option. Dental implants, however, can bring positive changes to individuals, particularly those who used to have dentures.

Both dentures and dental implants allow patients to smile confidently and speak or eat food normally, however, the dental office points out that the latter has more advantages.

The teeth replacement option provides a strong foundation for fixed or removable teeth that match the patient’s natural teeth. Dental implants are also durable.

About Finger Lakes Family Dental

Finger Lakes Family Dental is a dental clinic based in New York that provides personalized, gentle care that patients deserve. The clinic offers a variety of dental services for all ages such as Invisalign, dental whitening, children dentistry, sleep apnea therapy, and more.

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