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24 June 2018 Each and every corner of India is dotted with tribes. Of the many tribal communities, Naga tribes draws major attention. Their population are remarkable in the north-eastern states, like Assam, Myanmar and Nagaland. They belong to Indo-Mongoloid family and are subdivided into 14 groups, namely Angami, Ao, Chakhesang, Chang, Khemungan, Konyak, Lotha, Phom, Pochury, Rengma, Sangtam, Sema, Yimchunger and Zeliang. The Chakhesangs(Eastern Angamis). Though each sub-tribes has their own linguistic and cultural identity, they narrow down at same common point i.e their origin.

The term ‘Naga’ itself is said to have been originated from the King of Snakes. A mythic history says that princess Ulupi was a Naga Kanya, meaning, daughter of the King of Sankes. Her residence is believed to be in the southwest of Nagaland. The people of the locality came to be known as Naga.

Factors describing Naga Culture

Art and Craft:

Beside farming, Nagas are highly developed in art and craft. They are expert basket makers, a must-have article in each tribal homes. Attractive chungas (drinking cups)made of bamboo with pokerwork. Naga flute, neckbands, armlets, leggings, mats woven of cane strings highlights their creativity.


The colorful clothes and ornaments symbolizes the unique culture of the tribes. Women folks are skillful in weaving clothes for themselves and as well for their dear ones. ‘Naga Shawl’ is one such time of stitched cloth, that are exclusive found in the Naga-oriented regions. Women warp themselves in ‘mechala’ tailored in colorful threads. Neikhro(petticoat), vatchi( sleeve less bodice) and pfemhou(white skirt) are common dresses of Angami women. A decorative warrior shawl Tsungkotepsu is highlights the culture of Aos.

Besides, the dress-materials, Nagas are very much fond of wearing junk jeweleries. A few common ornaments put on by the tribal are headhunters, bracelets, bangles, anklets, earrings, all made of ivory, shells, animal feathers etc.


Harvest festivals plays a major role in the cultural catalog of tribal community. In the popular Tsungremong harvest festival, pigs are slaughtered so as to pay homage to the deity, Lijaba. Other prime festivals are Kuki Mimkut, Angami Sekrenyi, Phom Monyu, Konyak Aoling, Rengma Ngada and Zeliang Nga-Ngai.

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