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For various towing and recovery requirements, Timberfix offers two types of recovery tow strops that suit specific applications. Both types provide excellent resistance to cuts and abrasions while working with heavy loads.

[AUSTRALIA, 22/6/2018] – Timberfix, a trusted supplier of high-quality construction products in Australia, offers recovery tow strops with high resistance to abrasions and cuts. The tow strops, sourced from the brand Black Snake, come in two types. Each type has its own set of features ideal for specific applications.

Nylon Black Snake for a Recreational and Light Industrial Uses

Timberfix offers two types of recovery tow strops from the Black Snake brand: nylon and kevlar.

Black Snake’s nylon recovery tow strop comes in two types of break strength properties that suit a wide range of applications. The first type of tow strop has a break strength range of 8 to 30 tonnes, ideal for recreational four-wheel drives, light commercial vehicles and in robust construction for recovery and towing uses.

The second type has a 50 to 150 tonne break strength capacity that is suitable for heavier applications like maritime industries and the military.

Made of high-strength nylon with a 6.6 load bearing core, the Black Snake nylon tow strop is capable of fitting into irregular spaces and is more durable compared to fabric snatch straps. The low-maintenance product presents excellent protection from oil, mud, water and dust.

Heavy Duty Towing with Kevlar Black Snake

The second type of tow strop from Black Snake is made of Kevlar, which is a trademarked strong synthetic fibre with heat-resistant properties. Commonly used in aerospace, ballistic and military applications, the Kevlar Black Snake is suitable for military and heavy industrial functions. The tow strop is only 10 millimetres thick and is easy to fit into steel eyelets and shackle or pin connections.

About Timberfix

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