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The solar power provider offers a lightweight, portable power that individuals can use during camping or other outdoor activities to provide power for a long time.

[WESTON, 06/22/2018] – Point Zero Energy offers HomeGrid 2000 Lithium, a lightweight and portable power which is ideal for camping, outdoor recreation, and as an emergency backup. This portable power can run numerous tools and 110V appliances at the same time, up to 2,000 continuous watts.

Long Lasting Portable Solar Generator

According to Point Zero Energy, the HomeGrid 2000 Lithium has advanced features that are unique among other batteries in the market making it the ultimate portable power.

The HomeGrid uses the same battery technology that leading electric cars and hybrids use. The battery life of this portable power offers up to three times longer of its kind.

What makes this portable power ideal for camping is because it has 2,000 watts of uninterrupted sine wave power and 4,000 surge watts. These features make HomeGrid 2000 Lithium also ideal for construction, outdoor activities, or a back up for important home appliances in case of emergency.

Point Zero Energy explains that users can charge the power system from the sun with solar panels or from any wall outlet. They can safely store HomeGrid with an EMP bag and keep it ready anytime they need it.

HomeGrid 2000 Lithium Specification

The HomeGrid 2000 Lithium has an input voltage of 18-100V DC and an output voltage of 115V AC packed in 20 by 11 by 16 body that weighs 42 pounds.

It also has a continuous power output of 2,000 watts and peak power output of 4,000 watts. Moreover, Point Zero Energy adds that the solar input of this portable power can reach up to 100 VDC volts and up to 450W in watts.

For the charge controller, it contains Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), and has a maximum efficiency that exceeds 98 percent. The HomeGrid produces 9 watts for idle power usage and 90 percent of maximum efficiency.

About Point Zero Energy

Point Zero Energy is a family-owned and operated company that aims to make solar energy available and affordable for everyone. The company provides reliable solar energy systems that secure and protect families for a long time.

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