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20 June 2018 If you live in San Francisco housing, you have heard of the wondrous Chinatown. China Town is located in the southern part of North Beach primarily on Grant Avenue, just around the corner from a number of our San Francisco room rentals and short stay apartments.

San Francisco’s Chinatown is one of the oldest and largest Chinese-based neighborhoods in the United States, and is filled with many delicious Asian cuisines, handy supermarkets, and various iconic attractions. For those who come from Asian countries, are new to the United States, and are renting a room in San Francisco, the city offers them a feeling of familiarity and home. From someone who has lived in China for almost 10 years, I would say this city is definitely one of my favorite spots in SF!

First, let’s start with the food. Chinatown offers some of the most mouth-watering and authentic Asian cuisines in the entire city!

Roast duck tofu, dim sum, dumplings… you can pretty much find any food here! Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry. There are an endless number of choices for meals and it’s always hard for me to choose which one I should try next! One of my favorite restaurants in the city for lunch is the Hang Ah Dim Sum Tea House, known for its delicious traditional Chinese food. If you ever decide to check it out (which I definitely suggest you do!), make sure to take a look at their dim sum menu!

If you are looking for an affordable place, definitely try the Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant especially if you are into mini hot pots. As the name suggests, they offer delicious meals served in a clay pot and you can choose the type of meat or vegetable that goes in it. My favorite dish is the Abalone Clay Pot, it is a must!

Apart from the wonderful food, Chinatown is also known for its stores and supermarkets that are very similar in style to those found in mainland China. You will see many different types of seafood, meat, and grocery markets that are almost always filled with happy shoppers. These are the little details that make me really feel like I am back home in China – the atmosphere is so friendly and warm.

We definitely cannot forget about how traditional and beautiful Chinatown is itself. The streets are often decorated with magnificent red lanterns and the entrance is crafted to resemble traditional Chinese roofs.

One of many archaeological attractions is the Sing Chong Building, located on Grant Ave. It was built in the early 1900s to increase tourism and cultural reboot, and today it remains as one of the most photographed buildings because of its beautiful architecture.

Needless to say, this little city has done a lot to make me feel like I am stepping foot in a whole different country and its culture. The food, atmosphere, and even the designs of the buildings all contribute to the strong traditions represented by this site.

Whether you are a student, intern, or traveller you would not want to miss the chance to snatch a fully furnished single room or a cozy bed in a double near the culture-filled Chinatown in San Francisco. If you are interested in living in or around ChinaTown, we offer numerous long or short term San Francisco room rentals, and there actually are a number of wonderful buildings with rooms available right now!

Some of the properties are:

371 Columbus Ave – Located in Central North Beach, it is a completely remodeled building, featuring brand new rooms with white walls and hardwood floors, a sink, a vanity, a bed, and even storage. This building is perfect for anyone looking to seek comfort and affordability in a prime location and is just walking distance to Chinatown.

524 Columbus Ave – Similar to the previous property, this building also offers cozy and affordable rooms that are close to many restaurants and attractions.

640 Clay St – Also known as Pyramid Residences, this building offers great value rooms geared for anyone on a budget. The area features many large business and tech companies and walking distance away lie North Beach, Chinatown, and Financial District! Many bars, clubs, and restaurants are also just a few minutes away from this prime location. BART, Muni, and freeways are all close by for ease of access throughout the city. Vibrant life lives just around the corner!

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