Monitor Your Elderly Loved One’s Health with Senior Helpers Chicago’s Wellness Watch

Senior Helpers Chicago’s daily check-ins and semi-monthly visits by a care team ensures regular monitoring of an elderly loved one’s health.

[CHICAGO, 6/20/2018] – To provide peace of mind to the families of the elderly, Senior Helpers Chicago offers their Wellness Watch services.

Senior Helpers has been leading the senior care industry since 2002. With its focus on providing professional care and compassion to the elderly, Senior Helpers has built a reputation of reliability and competence.

The Risks the Elderly Face

Even without the challenges of diseases or failing health, normal aging symptoms can put elderly loved ones at risk, despite aging in place at home. A common risk that people should look out for is injuries due to slips and falls. Bone and muscle density naturally decline as a person ages, which can lead to difficulties in daily activities such as walking or going up the stairs. Even minor falls can become major health problems, as the human body can be more fragile as it ages.

Senior Helpers Wellness Watch

Although not every elderly person requires daily home care visits, some families still want some kind of monitoring service in order to give them peace of mind. To do this, Senior Helpers Chicago’s Wellness Watch offers weekly check-ins via phone calls, along with semi-monthly visits from their care team.

The care team’s semi-monthly visits also include companion care, a special service that is customized to the unique needs of the elderly patient. To ensure that any health problems are kept in check, the Wellness Watch program also provides the families of the elderly a detailed monthly report on their loved one’s health, along with access to Senior Helpers’ quick-start home care service.

About Senior Helpers

Along with essential services such as their Wellness Watch and Companion Care, Senior Helpers Chicago also offers the Senior Gems® program, a holistic approach to caring for elderly people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Senior Helpers has been a leading provider of in-home and home health care for elderly patients for over a decade, and has built a reputation of reliability and competence.

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