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Masterflow’s Automatic Air Vents are equipped with useful features to ensure maximum efficiency.

[WETHERILL PARK, 20/6/2018] – Masterflow, a leading supplier for the mechanical air-conditioning (HVACr) market, offers durable and efficient automatic air vents for industrial applications. The air vents utilise proven and reliable designs to address pertinent treatment issues and help clients meet their stringent requirements.

The automatic air vents are part of Masterflow’s range of filtration and separation products. Other products in this range include Air and Dirt Separators and Sidestream Filtration.

Benefits of Masterflow’s Automatic Air Vents

Masterflow’s Automatic Air Vents are equipped with numerous features to provide maximum efficiency.

The system’s main feature is to remove air and dirt in the circulating water. The removal of such contaminants will eliminate water-borne noise within the system and ‘call out’ for radiator bleeding and fan coils. Because the system is free of contaminated water, the pump seals can survive for extended periods of time.

Their vents include an Optivent Deaerator that removes all air pockets to achieve enough deaeration, allowing commission to occur smoothly after the initial system venting. The deaerator prevents issues such as inconsistent readings on balancing valves. The reduced air content also increases the heat transfer rate during heat exchanges, as well as the resulting ‘fouling’. In the process, the system achieves optimum heat emitter and heat absorber output.

The system can last for up to 30 years, accompanied by a 3-year guaranteed warranty. Only its boiler and chiller need regular replacement. System parts can be removed with minimal trouble, and the deaerator prevents the replacement parts from corroding the air vent.

Older systems can be cleaned up using ‘flocculants’ working in conjunction with the vent’s dirt separator. The Optivent cap is leak-proof, assembled by hand and 100% tested.

About Masterflow

Masterflow is a leading supplier of pumps, water filtration devices, buffer tanks, and expansion vessels for the mechanical air-conditioning market. Based in Sydney, the company supplies to the rest of Australia and New Zealand. With over 20 years in the business, Masterflow continues to provide durable and highly efficient solutions for the air-conditioning industry.

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