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BluSignals provides leading indicators for stocks, offering three systems that identify predictions in the market before they occur. The systems alert traders and investors of buy and sell signals within the market.
A series of case studies from BluSignals has recently been released. The several leading indicators for stocks highlight the different predictions in the market. It shows the specific relationship to the prediction and the measurement of accuracy.
The case studies highlight an average of 3 days to 1 week of an entry to exit point prediction. It specifically identifies, through the trading signals, exit and entry points before a trend is about to change.
The accuracy of the BluSignals System is continuously providing traders and investors with ways to stay ahead of the market, specifically by alerting them to the next moves in the market before they occur.
How BluSignals Leading Indicators for Stocks Works
There are three systems which accurately identify trends in the market and how they are moving. Each uses forward-thinking technologies to determine how the market is moving and responses that are occurring within the market.
The first level of predictions from BluSignals is from BluFractal. This is a fractal-based system which identifies the turns and trends in the market. It uses fractals, which are known most in nature, geometry and architecture as the perfect formula to determine accuracy. The fractal system with BluFractal identifies the trends before they occur by identifying patterns from data and statistics before they occur in the market.
The second system which is available through BluSignals is BluNeural. A neural network algorithm is applied to determine trading signals. This level of the leading indicators for stocks applies data and statistics that interconnect through unique and forward-thinking technology. Traders and investors receive alerts of exit and entry points before it occurs in the market.
BluSignals also provides leading indicators for stocks with BluQuant. This system provides predictions and statistics using quantitative data, allowing traders and investors to receive alerts based on a combination of all systems. It looks at the best wins and losses in the market and lets traders and investors know when and what to move with.
BluSignals works for every type of trader, including those involved in day trading, intraday and long-term investments. It is also accurate for ETFs, options and other formats which traders and investors are interested in.
BluSignals is available with a 14-day free trial. With this no obligation opportunity, traders and investors discover the accuracy of leading indicators for stocks.
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