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Interior design is a reflection of an individual’s personal preferences and requirements. So, Simply Chaise provide bespoke chaise longues for their clients.

[NEWQUAY, 19/6/2018] — Interior design reflects an individual’s personality. It says a lot about a person’s needs and preferences. But, it is also influenced by contemporary designs and the latest industry trends.

Simply Chaise are aware that each person has unique requirements and inclinations. The bespoke furniture provider, therefore, features a wide selection of contemporary chaise longues to accentuate any type of interior design. They customise furniture pieces to match the demands of each client.

Wide Range of Customised Furniture

Simply Chaise provide various types of furniture. Their team of craftspeople in the United Kingdom manufactures chaise longues, sofas, chairs, ottomans, footstools and bedroom furniture. Every piece of furniture undergoes a meticulous quality inspection process, ensuring that each one arrives in perfect condition and reflects the brand’s high standards.

The bespoke furniture manufacturer feature a wide range of furniture. The products reflect both modern and traditional upholstery. As a result, customers will find a piece of furniture that covers all their needs or requirements.

Multiple Options for Bespoke Chaise Longues

Simply Chaise feature a large collection of chaise longues, each one beautifully crafted to match the owner’s taste and style. In addition to using quality fabrics and materials for the furniture pieces, the manufacturer give customers the opportunity to choose among different leg styles and leg colours. Customers may also include bolster cushions in a matching fabric if they request for it.

The chaise longues may either be left-hand facing or right-hand facing. Their leg style may be Queen Ann, Round, Straight or Castor. And colour options for the legs come in tan, white, black, brown or mahogany.

Simply Chaise cherish great customer feedback. For this reason, they pay close attention to what customers want and they manufacture the high-quality and reasonably priced furniture their clients deserve. Additionally, they work towards fast delivery, endeavouring to dispatch all orders within a month of confirmation.

About Simply Chaise

Simply Chaise provide a wide range of bespoke chaise longues, slipper sofas, chairs, ottomans, footstools and headboards. They have a team of experienced craftsmen who have been manufacturing high-quality furniture since 2005.

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