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Soiled solar panels are inefficient and can’t convert the amount of solar energy that they should. Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services LLC, a window cleaning service in Prescott, AZ, has the solution.

[PRESCOTT, 06/18/2018] – Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services LLC supports the efforts of Arizona residents and businesses to use renewable sources of energy. Its main service is interior and exterior window cleaning, but it also extends its expertise to cleaning solar panels.

According to the company, rain is not enough to remove the dirt that accumulates on the surface of solar panels. Professional solar panel cleaners need to step in and clean it thoroughly to return the panel to optimal capacity.

Helping Customers Maximize Solar Panels

Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services LLC says its service could help clients make the most of their solar panels. When dirt accumulates on the surface, it could block the energy and reduce the panels’ efficiency. An obvious solution, says the company, is to have professionals clean solar panels on a regular basis.

Research studies support these statements. Researchers from Duke University conducted tests to see how dust from air pollution affects the performance of solar panels. They found that the efficiency of soiled solar panels dropped by 25 percent, and that cleaning them increased efficiency by 50 percent.

By clearing solar panels of dust, soot, and other atmospheric particulates, Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services LLC helps customers maximize their investment in solar energy.

Effective Solar Cleaning in Arizona

As a professional cleaning company, Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services LLC uses proper materials and safety equipment when cleaning solar panels.

The cleaning company says clients could put their safety at risk if they do the cleaning on their own. Hence, its team of experienced cleaners handles the cleaning of solar panels, whether they’re grounded or on the roof. Customers can expect an improvement in the performance of their solar panels afterward.

About the company:

Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services LLC is a cleaning company specializing in windows, roofs and gutters, skylights, and light fixtures. Owned by Marine Corps veteran Leon Moise, the company serves residences and commercial properties in Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona.

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