Text My Main Number Launched an ITR Feature in Text To Landline Solution

Text My Main Number is a leading landline texting service provider that offers the best landline texting service to its clients worldwide. To benefit its clients, the company offers the best customer services and a feature rich text to landline solution. The service is available at an affordable monthly fee to its clients. The clients can access a wide range of features via the text to landline solution that can be accessed remotely. This text to landline solution is furnished with many simple to advanced landline texting features. Recently, the spokesperson of the company made an announcement about the launch of a new feature for their customers. This launched feature is known as, ITR (Integrated Text Response). This feature will be available to the users that are using the higher package of the company. However, the company will provide a free trial of this feature to its prospects that want to experience the usability and benefits of this feature.

“This is a text version of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Our clients can set a menu of ITR that can be used to self serve their clients. The clients of our landline texting service clients can interact with the ITR to find some information or to perform some other action.”, said Ash Vyas, Director of Operations, Text My Main Number.

According to the shared details, setting the ITR menu is very easy and anyone can do it easily. There is no requirement of technical knowledge. Still, if someone finds difficulty in setting up the ITR menu, the company will give a free support to help clients. In fact, they will set up the ITR for the clients, based on their request.

“The ITR is a great tool and it will work 365*24*7. It means even when you are sleeping; your customers can get answers of their questions by interacting with the ITR of the text to landline solution. It is like text chat for your customers.”, shared spokesperson of the company.

The representative of the company shared some benefits of the ITR of landline texting for business. Some of the advantages are listed below:

• Automate communication
• Prompt response
• Save time
• Better resource utilization
• Increase productivity
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Increase ROI
• And more

The company has also announced to offer this feature as an add-on feature to its clients. It means if the customer is using the “Basic Landline Texting Package”, still he can use the ITR feature. The only thing he needs to do is pay a small fee to get this feature.
The spokesperson of the company advised the interested prospects to call or text on 1.800.797.3167 for more details.

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