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With regards to the kind of fuel you use in your wood burning fireplace, the sort of firewood you consume can have a big affect on the nature of your fire.We Deliver Firewood is delivering eco-friendly firewood in Sydney to the Blue Mountains for 35 years.

Ensuring that you utilize wood with a perfect firewood moisture content will dramatically improve the performance of your wood burning stove. Being a reliable Sydney Firewood Company, we are offering Firewood association certified wood straight to your door.

Originally based in Prospect, our yard has recently moved to a rural setting where we have proceeded with our firewood supply to all of Sydney. Firewood comes in numerous sorts: soft or hard woods, fast to light or difficult to light, fast burning, long lasting burn, large flames or small flames. We provide the top quality dry crackling firewood of different types to order: Red Gum firewood, Ironbark firewood, Mixed eco-freindly firewood, box firewood, seasoned hardwood and hardwood logs etc.

Properly seasoned firewood will normally have darkened ends with noticeable breaks or parts and will be considerably lighter than green wood. You can in like manner thump two bits of the wood together, and if you hear a sensible thumping sound, the wood is in all likelihood prepared. Firewood is generally sold by the volume, and our own is sold by the cubic cm. What you arrange in volume is conveyed as our bins have been guaranteed by the Firewood Association.

The right kind of firewood can have a colossal impact in the execution of your fireplace and stack system. If you require fires that that consume perfectly and beneficially, you should simply use firewood that has been suitably arranged, or dried. Using green, or wet, wood can achieve smoking issues, notice issues, and fastened advancement of creosote, which can provoke a dangerous chimney fire. Seasoning wood diminishes its dampness substance to 10 – 20%. This makes your wood less smoky as well as is simpler to ignite and it additionally burns hotter than wood that has not been prepared.

We offer sustainable and legally sourced wood with the right moisture content. So, don’t settle for that firewood sold on the side of the road.

About the Company:

Originally based in Prospect, We Deliver Firewood has been providing superior and legally sourced firewood for 35 years. Compliance with the National Code of Practise for Firewood Suppliers, we offer sustainable and legally sourced wood. When we are on your property, all care is taken. Our other products include blocked timber, hollow logs, whole logs and party wood.

Contact Detail:

80 Beresford road, Greystanes and Elizabeth drive
Greystanes, nsw, 2145. Australia