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CORTECH CO., LTD. is executing endless technical development and products diversification for door hinge, automatic door operator and semi-automatic door operator, as well as window installation from its inception in 2003.
Now, the company concentrates its capability on the development, manufacture, sales, and instruction for Automatic door system, and Semi automatic door system Korea.
We will make great efforts to grow with you continuously by realizing customer satisfaction with perfect quality control and best price, executing sustainable technical development for users’ convenient, safe, and cool living culture.
We sincerely wish your happiness and health in home.
Automatic Door operator
Are you looking for automatic door systems in Korea? Cortech, the professional automatic door operator manufacturer in Korea, we provide various type of automatic door systems.

CT-803 S/D
– Enclosed type(invaded in door frame)
– Self-diagnosis function at initial setting
– Automatically adjust width of opening/closing (75%,100%)
– Motor is High efficient and low noisy DC 24V including reducer(worm gear type)and encoder, and electric locking system is built in
– Self-circuit protected controller
– Keep steady voltage by SMPS(Switched-Mode Power Supply)
– Easy installation without welding or machining
– Direct attachment type

Semi-automatic sliding door operator
General Features
Sliding door system opened manually, and closed automatically
– Need not electric power
– No door rail on a floor, so easy going in and out with bed and wheel chair
– Smooth and silent Operation
– Adjustable operation speed
– Safe closing by air brake system
– Easy assembling of parts and easy changing of open direction of doors
– Any time keep closing (as applicable, keep opening)
– Sliding by hanger roller
– Al. rail (Al.6063 T5)
– Automatic closing by driving system using spiral spring
– Safe and smooth closing by air brake system using air cylinder (ex: sick ward door, rest room door for the handicapped, etc.)

– Sliding door system opened manually, and closed automatically
– Safe and smooth opening and closing by oil brake system
– Automatic closing by driving system using spiral spring
– Braking system for open direction

– Rail is ball sliding type like accu-rail
– Smooth and safe operation as low friction by precise machining like roll formed rail, precise steel ball, etc.
– Automatic closing by driving system using spiral spring & tension coil spring
– More stable by reinforcement- Light door (CT-806SA) (ex: sick ward door, class room door, and rest room door, etc.)
– Heavy door (CT-807SA), (ex: classroom door, radiation shelter in a hospital, etc.)
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