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Fireglass Factory caters to the fire pit and outdoor fireplace needs of homeowners, with high-quality, premium products to boost the vibrancy, warmth, and appeal of outdoor spaces.

[LOS ALAMITOS, 6/15/2018] — Fireglass Factory is a leading manufacturer of fire pit and outdoor fireplace accessories. Homeowners use the premium fireplace products to enhance their home décor and impress guests. Furthermore, these outdoor features encourage optimal heat retention, improving comfort.

An Extensive Selection

Fireglass Factory boasts an extensive selection of fire glass and fire pit products. These include:

• Fire glass – Made from tempered glass and with polished edges, fire glass can withstand extreme temperatures and keep heat efficiently. They burn without toxic fumes, making them ideal for outdoor fire pits.
• Fire rocks – These porous stone balls are effective in retaining heat. Customers use them as an eco-friendly alternative to wood.
• Fire pits – A great addition to any home, Fireglass Factory installs fire pits to create a warmer outdoor ambiance and make seasonal gatherings exceptional. The company brings style back into every homeowner’s backyard living space.

A Luxurious, Easy Addition in Any Home

Fireglass Factory provides customers with premium, high-quality products to enhance the appeal of their homes.

Various media outlets have featured the company’s products — from HGTV specials to NBC segments, Fireglass Factory attracts affluent clients like hotel and restaurant owners, as well as A-list celebrities.

Fireglass Factory gives customers the opportunity to build their fire pits with DIY kits for those who want to experiment and install the fireplaces themselves. The kits contain the essentials: from match lights to fire bowls, allowing customers to enjoy building a fire pit in their backyard with ease.

About Fireglass Factory

Fireglass Factory is a premier manufacturer of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces in the US. It helps customers add a touch of vibrancy to any room with its stunning fire glass and rock collection. The company caters to residential and commercial clients, offering competitive rates for its fire glass and outdoor fire pit-related products.

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