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Veterans deserve an honorable funeral for their courageous service to the United States. Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory – Downtown Ogden walks Ogden locals through funeral honors for veterans.

[Ogden, 6/15/2018] — Military veterans sacrificed many things to defend the nation and protect American civilians. They deserve an honorable funeral as a final tribute to everything they have done for the country and its people, as such Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory – Downtown Ogden can help provide that much earned respect.

Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory – Downtown Ogden recognizes the importance of Military Funeral Honor. So, it gives Ogden locals an overview of the ceremony.

Different Types of Military Funeral Honors

The U.S. Armed Forces has multiple branches which include the Air Force, the Air National Guard, the Army, the Coast Guard, the Marine Corps, and the Navy. It also includes reserves from the Air Force, the Army, and the Navy. Hence, there are different types of funeral honors for military veterans.

The basic Military Funeral Honors ceremony, performed by at least two members of the Armed Forces, includes playing Taps as well as folding and presenting the American flag to the family of the departed. The veteran’s status determines which specific type of funeral honors is suitable — Full Military Honors, 7-Person Detail, or a Standard Honors Team Detail.

Eligibility for Military Funeral Honors

Aaron’s Mortuary & Cemetery lists down the veterans who are eligible for Military Funeral Honors. These include military members who serve on active duty or in the Selected Reserve. These also include former military members who departed under honorable conditions or because of disabilities caused or triggered by their line of duty.

Members of the Commissioned Officer Corps of the Public Health Service as well as of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are members of a Uniformed Service. Therefore, they are also eligible for military funeral honors.

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