Investment Oportunities UK – Debt Instruments

Amyma strongly believes that an investment portfolio should be diverse in order to avoid volatility and low-interest rate payments. For this reason, prospective investors who are interested in investment opportunities UK, can register their interest to Amyma.

[London, 14/06/2018] – Amyma is an agency that specialises in finding the best investment opportunities UK. The agency is not regulated by the FCA, therefore Amyma agents cannot offer financial advice, should you wish to receive appropriate advice we would recommend seeking out an FCA registered Financial Adviser. Some of the investment opportunities UK offered by Amyma include debt instruments, such as notes, debentures and bonds.

Why are debt instruments important?

Assets are divided into two categories – real or physical, and paper or financial. Real assets include property, gold and other valuables, whereas paper assets include insurance, shares, mutual funds and fixed deposits. Some of the investment opportunities UK offered by Amyma belong in the second category.

More specifically, capital bonds are types of debt issued by various companies that are looking to increase liquidity. Capital bonds are gradually rising in popularity among investors in the UK. Bonds have two main characteristics: they provide a fixed and regular income and guarantee the return of the capital. Corporations collaborating with Amyma are largely, well-reputed, high-risk and are normally FCA-regulated.

Investment opportunities UK in the form of capital bonds have the potential to protect an investor’s capital from fluctuation. Other investment opportunities UK such as equities are more volatile because the stock market is more vulnerable to changes and cannot normally offer capital protection.

Creating a portfolio of debt instruments

People who are interested in investment opportunities UK who contact Amyma will be introduced to a number of different investments.

Interested investors can register with Amyma through an online registration form.