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Bergan & Company’s comprehensive range of services makes rental property management easier for property owners in the Denver metro area.

[CENTENNIAL, 6/14/2018] — Property management is more challenging than it sounds. Some of its heaviest responsibilities include familiarizing oneself with landlord-tenant laws, overseeing repairs and maintenance, supervising tenants, and maintaining budget and records.

Bergan & Company, a family-owned-and-operated real estate company in the Denver metro area, understands the challenges of property management. It has been in the industry for over 50 years and is currently managing over 300 rental areas across the metro. So, it confidently provides full-service rental property management services.

A Leader in Rental Property Management

Bergan & Company opened its doors in 1961 and has, since then, gathered relevant property management knowledge and experience. Clients who go to the real estate company for help with managing their rentals, therefore, can be sure of short-term and long-term investments that thrive.

The brokerage features a full range of services that make the rental management process more efficient. These services include the following:

• Home Preparation: conducting an inspection of rental properties, having repair and maintenance work done, and getting bids from potential tenants
• Rental Screening: checking credit, income, employment, criminal background, and rental history to make sure the tenant is suitable for the property
• Ongoing Rental Service: collecting rents and deposits from tenants, disbursing rent to owners, and providing regular property inspections and reports
• Rental Apartment Maintenance: providing 24-hour emergency services and ongoing maintenance to keep the property in top shape

When the situation calls for it, Bergan & Company also handles timely and respectful eviction services.

About Bergan & Company

Bergan & Company is a property management and investment property brokerage in Denver. It is a family-owned-and-operated business that has been around since 1961.

The brokerage, providing sound real estate advice to thousands of clients, emphasizes exceptional customer service and ethical business practices. As a result, it builds solid client relationships and helps Denver metro clients make data-driven investment choices.

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