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Air Quality Consultants, LLC is proud to announce the addition of two new air quality control services under its arsenal. With this addition, we hope to become the all-in-one service provider and consultants to remediate all your indoor air quality problems. Take a look at the two new services introduced among our existing services:

Methamphetamine Assessment

A few months back, clients approached us and complained about the suspicion of methamphetamine contained in new rental properties and houses they have decided to move into. The number of methamphetamines complains kept increasing and we decided to add another service called “methamphetamine assessment” to our already existing services.

Increased level of meth in a property can affect buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. Any uninformed decision made to curb this toxic gas can cost a lot of money. It is where professionals at AQC come into play and their experience backed advice will help you make a more informed decision on curbing meth from your property.

Cooking “meth” can affect structures like houses, apartments, motels, vehicles and office buildings. A residential structure contaminated by meth can prove to be dangerous enough to cause the occupants get very sick. Our professionals at AQC will evaluate the extent of meth contamination, provide remediation recommendations and also offer post remediation samples to ensure that the residential structure is free of meth and safe for living.

Mold Assessment

Additionally, we have also added a service that is directed to take care of molds. The mold assessment consulting service that we offer is destined to determine the extent of damage caused by molds, their level of contamination and moisture source. Using all these information, we draft a report that explains our clients the severity of the issue and the remediation methods to get rid of the mold.

Why is mold assessment necessary? Finding the exact source of the problem is critical, and establishing a precise remediation plan and post-remediation report is essential. This helps clients understand the cause of mold and the proof that the mold has been successfully eliminated.
Here is how we conduct the assessment and testing of molds:

1. Air testing: This method of mold assessment helps in determining if mold spores are present in the air. If yes, then in what concentration? This is established when our professional collect indoor and outdoor air samples and compares them. This also helps in identifying hidden molds.

2. Surface testing: When molds are visible on a surface, a professional carefully collect the sample of mold growth using a tape or sterile cotton swab. This mold is then sent to the laboratory for study.

3. Bulk testing: When an object has been severely contaminated with mold, the AQC professional treats that particular object as a subject and sends it to the laboratory where the culture of mold microbe is studied and determined.

Is your house affected by methamphetamine or mold? Look no further, Air Quality Consultants, LLC is looking forward to assisting you and help make your living space a healthier and safer one. Check out our new services avail them at or contact us at 517-490-1304. Also, register with us to avail exclusive deals and offers, along with latest updates.