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Market Highlights:

In this rapid advancement in technology industry, public safety solution for smart city are advocates of envisioning sustainable cities that will provide residents with urban areas that deliver high-quality living as it applies to the environment and the economy. These cities will be made possible through the integration of technology, innovative design and automated processes. The smart devices and sensors, collectively known as the internet of things (IoT), are referred to as cyber-physical systems (CPSs), which are manufactured by various vendors with little or no built-in management or security capabilities. Put simply, they present an enormous attack surface that smart city planners must consider.

The public safety solution for smart city market is growing because of the growing adoption of internet of things. Some of the factors driving the growth of the market is that residents want to live in clean and safe environment, entrepreneurs aspire to create innovative solutions and economic opportunity, residents and visitors like to get around town easily, smart cities enhance quality of life, making them great places to live.

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Major Key Players:

Cisco Systems, Inc. (U.S.),

International Business Machines Corporation (U.S.),

Honeywell International Inc. (U.S.),

Northrop German Corporation (U.S.),

NEC Corporation (Japan),

Thales Corporation (France),

Huawei Technologies (China),

Alcatel-Lucent (France),

AGT International (Switzerland),

Esri (U.S.),

The global Public Safety Solution For Smart City Market is expected to grow approximately at USD 336 Billion by 2022, approx.11% of CAGR between 2016 and 2022.

Regional Analysis:

The regional analysis of public safety solution for smart city market is being studied for region such as Asia pacific, Americas, Europe and Rest of the World. Rapid evolution of IOT across different industries has driven the market of public safety solution for smart city market. The North America region to dominate the market of public safety solution for smart city. The technology advancements in the region and major attraction of large and small enterprise is aiding the growth of the market. The Asia-Pacific region is also expected to be one of the growing region in this market due to government enforcement towards public safety and security. Europe region is also one of the leaders in the public safety solutions for smart city market because leading players of the market are continually in the process of research and development of technologies related to public safety solutions.


Public safety solution for smart city market for segment on the basis of solution, service and application

Public Safety Solution for Smart City Market by Solution:

  • Critical Communication Network
  • Biometric Security And Authentication System
  • Emergency And Disaster Management
  • Backup And Recovery System
  • Surveillance System
  • Public Address And General Alarm

Public Safety Solution for Smart City Market by Services:

  • Professional Service
  • Integration Services
  • Managed Services

Public Safety Solution for Smart City Market by Application:

  • Public Transportation Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Disaster Management
  • Medical Emergency Service
  • Firefighting Services
  • Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies

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Intended Audience

  • Investors and consultants
  • System Integrators
  • Government Organizations
  • Research/Consultancy firms
  • Technology solution providers
  • Global infrastructure suppliers
  • Communications component providers
  • Smart grid and energy management companies
  • Big data, analytics, and information processing companies
  • Telecom Service Providers.