Model Factory: The Agency that Personifies this Industry

A model is not just a person that showcases its body’s attribute but it performs crucial roles to promote, display and advertise one’s product and services. This creates a visual aid in the people’s eye to much more like a product.

We are Model Factory and we represent a much more diverse model in terms of ethnicity and also a well chosen one as we part with the leading talents. We are the market leaders and we have a recognized reputation in this industry where we spend our abundant resources for any model actuation and nurture them to become the leaders of their era.

When our clients explain their fashion campaign we deliver the best quality services based on their terms. We have our professional line of staff always at our client’s deposition to assist them all the time. Selection of models from huge piles of portfolios is the most hectic process for our clients but with our expertise thinking and inbound knowledge of our models, we just know the right kind of model for any kind of projects.

Our models are from different ethnicities and regions, mainly they are from Japan, Korea and even from foreign countries. We can organize casting for you project at your chosen time and place as well as our studio. We Model Factory are also famous for kid’s talent accusation and advertising. Our portfolios have a number of self confident and talented kids ready to showcase your product and services.

We became part of this industry in 2001 and have a strong footprint ever since. Stretching from Great China to North East Asia we are a distinct management Model Agency situated in the mainland of Hong Kong. Our other initial strategy of any campaign to become successful is our marketing proficiency.

So, for more elaborative information do check our portfolio of various models and previous campaigns on our website and feel free to contact us at:-