Discussion about problems plaguing Bengaluru titled ‘Building a Green Bengaluru’

‘Building a Green Bengaluru’
Interactive Webinar with industry experts Prof. Jaism Krishna Rao, Jaisim Fountainhead & Ar. Minni Sastry, TERI on 14th June

With the objective of addressing the environmental concerns of Bengaluru, especially due to building construction and urbanisation, Wienerberger invites Bengalureans to participate in a webinar titled “Building a Green Bengaluru”, on 14th June 2018 at 2:45 pm, to address prevailing environmental concerns plaguing the city due to rapid urbanization. This 45 minute interactive webinar will include a 35 minute discussion by industry experts, Prof. Jaism Krishna Rao, Jaisim Fountainhead and Ar. Minni Sastry, TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute). The programme aims to encourage a discussion amongst concerned citizens and industry experts in Bengaluru to provide a perspective for the next generations to value a greener city.

Discussion Points for the Webinar will include:
• Understanding the gravity of 1 crore populations on Bengaluru’s resources: natural and man-made.
• Unplanned construction across the city causing undue stress on existing resources.
• Highlighting the importance of making green choices in construction and building materials and building materials and its long-term impact on the environment.

Mr. Appaiah Monnanda, Managing Director, Wienerberger India, shares “Bengaluru was once known as the garden city of India. The importance of maintaining our natural resources was instilled in every resident’s DNA. However, with growing urbanization, the natural reserves of the city have seen drastic depletion. The number of water bodies in the city have depleted by 79% in the past four decades and over 18000 trees have been cut-down in the last 9 years, to accommodate the unplanned urbanisation and encroachment. With natural water bodies becoming victims of concretization and effective environmental practices like rainwater harvesting being given low priority, Bengaluru’s future appears grim in terms of meeting the water requirements of its one-crore-plus population.”

He further adds “With several other well-known factors contributing to air and water pollution in the city, it has become imperative for us to realize the results of our actions and make course corrections to save the city. This webinar is one such initiative of ours to help industry experts and concerned citizens connect with each other, to help them lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow. Being a part of the construction industry, that pledges environmental conservation, we felt it necessary to educate people on the consequences of their choices and various alternatives available to support their green city. We, therefore, invite all the citizens of Bengaluru, to participate in this webinar and share their thoughts on protecting the city”.