12 June 2018 Whether you are considering residential or commercial renovations, you may be feeling somewhat daunted by the task. Indeed, before completing a renovation project you need to ensure that every aspect of the job is addressed as major structural changes are also likely to impact the electrical, heating, plumbing, and the general inner workings of the building. Unless you are a building whiz, you are not going to be doing this work alone. You will need to source and vet potential sub-contractors, and for many home or business owners the question often becomes “when will I have the time to manage this renovation?” This is where a general contractor can help turn your dream home or office into a reality.

So, what do general contractors do? Simply put, one manages your renovation or building project from start to finish. She or he will work with you from the early planning stages to help you formulate a renovation or building project that meets your needs and your budget. They will make sure you get all the necessary permits from local officials so you know that your project is fully legitimate. Attaining the required permits will also help to ensure that the entire build proceeds safely and effectively.

Next, a general contractor will be responsible for hiring all the subcontractors you need for a successful building project. As a manager of your project, your general contractor will not only be responsible for hiring these subcontractors but he or she will organize all aspects of the subcontractors’ work as well. In short, he or she hires, pays, and schedules subcontractor work. As your liaison between subcontractors, they acts as the expert overseeing all building work so you can feel confident that a superior job is being done. Moreover, because general contractors and subcontractors often work together, you know the professionals doing work on your home or office have a strong history of excellent craftsmanship. In other words, subcontractors want to impress general contractors in order to get more future work, so they are less likely to produce shoddy work.

Ultimately, home and business owners often lack the expertise to properly coordinate renovations or building projects, whereas general contractors are specialists. They know which trades will be needed during the building process and they have established contacts with demolition experts, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and any other professional who might be involved in your build. Still, before you choose a general contractor always do your homework. Ideally, you want to hire a contractor who has a breadth of experience in building trades, but who also has a proven track record of managing successful builds that are similar to the project you have in mind.

– Long Island General Contractor – A general contractor is important in any construction project as they provide very essential services and solutions. A contractor specializes in providing project management solutions that ensure the project is successful. Basically, contractors provide the needed expertise, knowledge and construction experience to ensure that the day by day procedures, tasks and processes are effectively handled unto the completion of the project.


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