Straight Seam Anticorrosion Steel Pipe Classification

IPN8710 antiseptic
When there are many types of corrosive media in the
seamless steel pipe, such as acids, alkalis, salts, oxidants, and water vapor, the coating must be chemically inert, resistant to acid and alkali salts, and the coating should have a dense structure, good waterproof permeability, and strong adhesion. Tough and plump. This kind of situation applies IPN8710 antiseptic.
Anti-corrosion primer: It is composed of polyurethane polyethylene, modified epoxy resin, non-toxic anti-rust pigments, additives, etc. It forms an interpenetrating network at room temperature, dense structure of coating film, acid, alkali, salt, rust resistance Excellent, strong adhesion, used for anti-corrosion and primer coating on the inner wall of water supply pipeline.
Anti-corrosion paint: It is composed of epoxy, rubber resin, non-toxic anti-rust pigments, additives, etc. Excellent chemical resistance, non-toxic, anti-microbial erosion, used as anti-corrosion paint on the inner wall of water supply pipeline.

FBE epoxy powder antisepsis
FBE Epoxy Powder Anticorrosive Structure: Epoxy powder is applied on the surface of steel pipe by electrostatic spraying process to form a film once. The coating has the advantages of easy coating operation, no pollution, good impact resistance and bending resistance of the coating, and high temperature resistance.

2PE/3PE antisepsis
Anti-corrosion structure: Epoxy powder is sprayed on the surface of the steel pipe electrostatically, and the adhesive is wound laterally and the polyethylene coating is wrapped around the side, which combines three excellent properties, thereby significantly improving the overall quality of the anti-corrosion pipeline. It has chemical resistance, resistance to cathodic disbondment, and mechanical damage resistance.

Anti-corrosion epoxy coal pitch
Epoxy coal tar antisepsis structure: The anticorrosive coating made of epoxy resin + coal tar pitch + filler is coated with glass cloth on the surface of the steel pipe to form a corrosion protection layer, which is commonly used for anticorrosion of the outer wall of the pipeline. The thickness is generally 0.5 ~ 1.0mm.

High-density polyethylene outerwear
High-density polyethylene jacket anti-corrosion structure: Made of high-density polyethylene material on the outer surface of the steel pipe, with high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance, can protect the steel pipe or seamless casing from external factors during transportation, installation and use. Damage caused. Outer casing should be added with antioxidants, UV stabilizers and carbon black. Polyethylene outer casing tends to age, such as open storage should be covered with tarpaulin and other objects, piled away from high heat sources and fire sources, after the preparation of anti-corrosion steel pipe, prohibited exposure, quenching, or polyethylene outer casing is easy to crack, affect the product Performance and service life.

Epoxy powder dipping process antisepsis
Epoxy powders have been coated by electrostatic spraying. As the epoxy powder dipping process is plagued by the problem of adhesion, the impregnation of epoxy powder has not been promoted. In recent years, with the successful development of the special phosphating solution for Sancha epoxy powder dipping, the adhesion problem of the epoxy powder dipping process has been overcome for the first time, and the emerging process of epoxy powder dipping began to emerge.