See Healthy, Rejuvenated Skin with Acne/Toning Laser Technology Treatment from Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

Orchard Road-based Shiro Aesthetic Clinic provides laser technology treatment to address acne and skin tone issues. Dr Zhang Yijun, a renowned skin expert in Singapore, leads the clinic and delivers first class results.

[SINGAPORE, 11/06/2018] – Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, an Orchard Road-based practice, offers high-tech laser treatment for reducing acne, minimising blemishes and addressing uneven skin tones. The clinic is led by Dr Zhang Yijun, a skin expert who is at the forefront of aesthetic medicine in Singapore.

The Treatment

Using an advanced Q-switch laser, the laser treatment heals the skin from the epidermis ‒ outer layer ‒ to achieve the best results. It provides non-ablative skin rejuvenation, shrinks over-active sebaceous glands and accelerates collagen production through heat to combat acne problems.

For skin toning, the treatment delivers multiple doses of low-intensity beams onto dark spots to break down melanin and brighten the affected areas. After the brightening process, the specialist adds collagen to tighten the skin.

Founder and Medical Director of Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Zhang Yijun graduated with a medical degree and a postgraduate Family Medicine qualification at the National University of Singapore. Afterwards, he obtained his postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University, UK. Once he finished school, he worked for a few years at Singapore’s National Skin Centre before founding Shiro Aesthetic Clinic. He is currently a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Zhang Yijun believes that great skin boosts a person’s confidence. As an expert in aesthetic medicine, Dr Yijun specialises in dermatological treatments for acne, scarring and pigmentation. He combines effective face and body treatments with lifestyle changes for an empowering, holistic treatment.

About Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

Shiro Aesthetic Clinic is a premier clinic spearheaded by renowned cosmetic doctor Dr Zhang Yijun. The clinic utilises the latest techniques in dermatology and aesthetic medicine to meet clients’ aesthetic needs. Following Dr Zhang’s belief in a holistic approach to beauty, Shiro Aesthetic Clinic also helps clients to achieve their desired look through recommending positive lifestyle habits.

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