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Alco Exotic Green Building Products, the supplier of exotic woods for flooring and its accessories is based in Cape Town. The company possesses warehousing and stockholding facilities.

Alco Exotic Green Building Products has an extensive range of flooring options like Natural Bamboo Flooring, Superior Bamboo Flooring, Rustic Engineered Oak Flooring, Par- ky Engineered Oak Flooring, and oak panels like Shinnoki Prefinished Wood Panels and Querkus Finest Oak Collection.

Bamboo Flooring: Superior Bamboo Flooring is quite popular in Southern Africa because of its easy maintenance features and durability. Alco Exotic Green Building Products supplies the best quality Moso bamboo for flooring. It is easier to install as it is supplied as a pre-finished flooring board. Bamboo flooring has a higher density than many hardwood timbers and is priced much lower than them. The company supplies bamboo that are aged between 5 and 7 years. Being hypoallergenic, bamboo wood is less likely to cause allergic reactions. Bamboo flooring has the elegance and sophistication that a solid hardwood flooring provides and is often more durable.

Engineered Oak Flooring: Oak flooring with Par- ky supplied by Alco Exotic Green Building Products has the properties of laminate and combines the look and feel of real wood. When you choose oak flooring, you will find boards with different designs as no two trees are identical. When they are installed for flooring, a unique pattern is formulated. The company has Aqua Sealing Complete system and thus protected from humidity. The bevels are stained and lacquered that adds to the longevity of the product. Premium Engineered Oak Flooring has cleaner grains (less knots) unlike the Rustic Engineered Oak Flooring that contains many knots. ”Ultrafresh” antibacterial protective coating is applied to maintain proper hygiene.

Oak Panels: Alco Exotic Green Building Products supplies prefinished wood veneered panels from Shinnoki that can be used to design stylish interiors. This type can be worked with melamine board and does not cost much compared to other types. The prefinished panels from Shinnoki come with a top layer of veneer. Hence, there is no need of any other finishing. The company also supplies panels from Querkus Finest Oak Collection. They are known for superior quality and has the positive features of a veneered panel.

The company also offers flooring accessories like bamboo trims and oak trims.

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About the Company
Alco Exotic Green Building Products has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of high-quality flooring products. Established in Cape Town, the company follows the norms of international and local authorities and offers technical support.

Unit 1 HS Park, 130 Democracy Way
Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 021 5511399