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Offices can be considered as a second home as people spend a significant part of their day at their workplace. A well-designed and organized office not only increases the productivity of the employees, but also leaves a good impression on the clients. In addition to adding an aesthetical appeal, a creative office décor amplifies the productivity of employees by brightening their mood despite the workload remaining the same.
Millennials usually like to decorate their office desk with quirky posters, coffee mugs, photographs etc. While these items add to the aesthetic appeal, they often fail to make a positive impact on one’s mind. This is where indoor plants have an edge. Indoor plants not only improve the office environment but also offer health benefits. Here are some of the best office plants that will make any workplace more pleasant.
1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a multipurpose plant with several benefits to offer. It is a low-maintenance plant and can thrive on little water and ample sunlight. Aloe Vera is also known for its soothing nature, which can effectively bring down the level of stress in the office. As mentioned earlier, the Aloe Vera plant can be kept beside the window in a sunlit area.
2. Peace Lily: Named appropriately, Peace Lily is known for its beautiful white flowers. Perfect to grow in the Indian climate, Peace Lily requires minimal watering and light to moderate shade. Working professionals can keep the Peace Lily plant at their desk without investing much effort.
3. Lavender:Native to Europe, Lavender is a plant that carries an air of sophistication with its pinkish and violet flowers. This flowering herb is not only famous for its enchanting aroma, but it works as an insect repellant as well. However, Lavender plants require plenty of sunlight, so they should be kept near the window.
4. Grape Ivy: Grape Ivy works as an excellent air purifier. It is another low-maintenance plant which requires a low-light exposure. Grape Ivy is slowly becoming the sought-out plants to keep inside office.
5. Fish Tail Fern: The best thing about this plant is that it stays green all around the year. Since it just requires a little amount of water and sunlight, Fish Tail Fern is a perfect indoor plant for offices. Furthermore, Fish Tail Fern also works as an air purifier.
While only these plants are mentioned, there are many options to choose from when it comes to indoor plants. Leaving aside the aesthetic value, plants at the office can make the workplace more vibrant, refreshing and stress-free.