3 Super Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

San Francisco, CA – June, 2018 – Most people have probably heard how a meditation practice can help you live a healthier, happier life. Sure, meditation can improve your physical and mental health but there are 4 incredible benefits of mindfulness meditation that can give your life a complete makeover.
Razor Sharp Focus
Mindfulness trains you to stay in the present moment – sharpening your focus. This means you can zoom in your attention on anything, and keep it there, without becoming distracted.

This ability to focus can help you in all aspects of your life – from school, work and money to excelling in a sport. Technology has brought many benefits but it has shortened our attention spans. There are so many things fighting for our attention, and we are not able to focus on the task at hand. As a result, we are constantly worrying about work at home and about family at work.

Improving your focusing helps you to –

* Be better with daily activities, which means you are done faster and have more time
* Communicate better because you are more present
* More time reduces the need for multi-tasking, a common source of stress in the modern lifestyle
* More time allows you to enjoy life and it just doesn’t pass you by
Big Picture Perspective
While focus allows to be in the present moment, the big picture perspective allows you to see more clearly.

Sometimes focus on a single thought could be the reason for your stress, fears or anxiety – such as addictive negative self-talk or a past traumatic incident. In such situations, zooming out helps instead of zooming in.

In mindfulness meditation, you learn to zoom out the moment you realize you have been troubling thought or emotion.
Power of Pause
When we respond in a conditioned way, it is easy to get sucked into stress and anxiety. Mindfulness allows you to pause and choose a healthier response to the situation.

Pausing –
* prevents you from acting impulsively
* helps you break bad habits
* allows you to see clearly
* make better decisions
If you are still wondering whether mindfulness is the right meditation for you and for establishing a solid practice, learn with a stress coach how to develop your skills and discover the best style of meditation is for you.

To learn more about mindfulness at work, get in touch with the leading stress coach online in San Francisco, The Big Yogi, Nick Palladino, at nick@thebigyogi.com or call 707-293-5415. Nick inspires, teaches and leads others towards their own light and life purpose. You can choose from several options – Nick’s one-on-one private lessons or on-site corporate classes to bring mindfulness and stress-relief to your office as an advanced teacher comes to you.