ZetPDF is a One Stop Solution for all PDF rendering needs for developing .NET Applications

Santa Clara (June 10, 2018) – Software development kits are the primary tools required by programmers to develop applications for a particular platform. A SDK comprises of lines of code which are written by a third party for the purpose of adding to digital applications to support new capabilities. SDKs are widely associated with mobile applications but can also be put into use with regards to websites, set-top-boxes, and various digital platforms. A PDF library SDK is an indispensable tool to assimilate PDF functionality into applications and the more fast a SDK is the better for the developer. ZetPDF is the fastest PDF SDK which has been designed to create high performance .NET applications having the potential to develop, alter, convert, safeguard or print PDF documents without the help of Adobe Acrobat.

ZetPDF consists of a PDF viewer control which contains support for construing PDF files, bookmarks exploration, adding and eliminating file attachments and different features and is available for Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight. To ensure the highest levels of protection for documents, the software has complete AES256 cryptography. It consists of numerous valuable features, including multiple page layout, text annotations, PDF form field reading, metadata handling, text search and text extraction, PDF decryption, and more.

The ZetPDF software is available for purchase in three different packages, all of which are royalty free and can be used for creating unlimited applications with free technical support. The packages differ in their timeframe for updates and hotfixes. The 1 Developer license pack updates and hotfixes for 2 years and costs $249, the 4 Developer licenses pack priced at $399 updates and hotfixes for 3 years while the Corporate license pack updates and hotfixes for 4 years and is priced at $599. The packages can be ordered from the official website of ZetPDF, the link for which is https://zetpdf.com/.

About ZetPDF:
ZetPDF is a PDF SDK created for the purpose of helping developers or programmers with all their PDF rendering needs. The software consists of a variety of features and has complete AES256 cryptography to ensure full proof protection of documents.

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