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Recently, according to the Seagulls sales manager’s feedback, most friends in foreign trade business have the doubt on whether the international logistics company is helpful in transportation customs clearance and whether the charge is high or not. Why they will have such worries? Trace to its cause, it is due to they are not familiar with the basic operation of the international logistics and have no basic knowledge about the industry. Due to the deviation of knowledge and the information asymmetry, it easily lead to their distrust of the international logistics. Today, Seagulls logistics offers you the exclusive tips on how to identify reliable freight forwarders for free.

The simplest way to reassure your doubt of the international logistics is to contact with them frequently, understand their qualification, team and analyze their successful cases. In this way, you can basically determine whether the international logistics is reliable or not. Seagulls suggests you, if possible, visit the cooperation logistics company and evaluate the company from the operation of whole team, the quality of sales staff and which business they are good at.

1.Consider the operation of whole team

The whole process from inquiry to transport will be: after you consult a salesman, he will first inquiry to the marketing department and wait for the rate and shipping space. After get the information, he will account the cost and tell you. When the order signed, the transportation business is real sent to the logistics company.Their operating personnel will help you prepared various files, follow up space booking, transshipment and process of the abnormal problems etc.

In fact, the whole process needs the entire team of a logistics company to serve you. Because you should consider not only the salesman you contact, but the logistics team of the entire order of you. It needs you to measure face to face to determine whether the team’s operation are coherent or not. So, it’s one of the key things you think about to look at the operation of the whole team.

2.Measure the quality of sales personnel

In the process that consults with you clinch a deal business, the salesman himself is an indispensable element. If the salesman is not active when you consult, you will think he lacks the service awareness. These factors determine whether the salesman will take your perspective in the whole service and provide you with the right logistics solution.

3.Assess what you’re good at

The last thing to consider is whether the logistics company is good at what you need to do. There are several kinds of international logistics companies. Some are good at air transportation, some are good at sea shipping. Others will good at both, such as Seagulls. According to the range of expertise, the business channels of logistics companies in different countries and the documents required for subsequent operations will also be different. Only by defining the business scope that the international logistics company is good at can we ensure the most professional and efficient freight service for you.

After the above three verification, you can determine whether the logistics company is trustworthy or not, whether they can provide you with the desired freight services or not, whether they can become the international logistics company that cooperates with you or not.

Seagulls provides you the professional services with a group of logistics experts. You can enjoy fast economic logistics services, real-time online tracking cargo information,7 x 24 x365 full-time logistics services, and abnormal emergency solutions. All in all, Seagulls meets your needs of international logistics. It is no wonder the best choice for your freight forwarding business.