It is very painful for the foreign trade business company to deal with the transportation issues, which requires to cooperate with a responsible forwarder. When it comes to find a reliable forwarder, Seagulls International Logistics Co.,Limited carried out the following tips for everyone. Hope it can help to boost your business.

The freight forwarder industry is a mixed industry because of the low threshold. You will find that there is no lowest price in the freight forwarder industry, only lower and lower price. There are multiple channels you can find the freight forwarder with lower price. Every time you find a new freight forwarder, you will get a lower price than before. But we suggests you not change freight forwarders so frequently. It is more important to find a trust-worthy forwarder in that it can save a lot of trouble for you.

Also, Seagulls recommends every foreign trade business company should have 2 or 3 forwarders in hand. In this way, you won’t get stuck in a forwarder, such as pick up the goods. And with the comparison, you know which one is best for the different goods. At the same time, you often cooperates with the 2 or 3 forwarders so that they will know all aspects of your products, which will save your time in dealing with troubles. More importantly, they know that how to choose the safest shipping way for your products, which can help you to deliver the goods to customers on time.

So, how can you recognize the responsible freight forwarder? You can value it according to the following tips.

1.The responsible freight forwarder will follow up from shipping to receipt.
When there is something wrong about the logistics, the forwarder will inform you immediately so that you can have time to deal with the problems. If you can not get the transportation news at the first time, you will be late and passive to deal with the issues. In addition, you can save the time of following up the cargo transportation time to develop more customers.

2.The reliable forwarder will inform you in advance if there is any risk when quoting.

The reliable forwarder will firstly tell you the higher insurance countries and the countries that are more troublesome in customs clearance. In this way, you can confirm the custom clearance problems with customers to avoid the loss. On the contrary, some forwarders always send cargo out first which not considering the custom clearance and your loss. I think, most foreign trade business company has come across such situations.

3.The competition is more and more fierce in freight forwarding company. But there are more choices for the foreign business company.

It also brings benefits to the foreign trade company. To survive in the fierce competition, the forwarders need to provide better service to improve performance. We all know that foreign trade people generally need to answer the customers’ question at night due to the time difference. So you can judge whether it is a responsible forwarder or not by the quotation speed. I have a freight forwarder who provides the quotation in 24 hours. Even if at the midnight, she will send you the quotation immediately after your phone call.

4.About the time.

As is known to all, our goods to the forwarder is not real delivery at all. The customer will still push us to deliver the goods. Once the goods arrived at the carriers, the customers would consider it begin to deliver. So, the delivery time which is provided by the forwarder is very important. The time must not differ too much, otherwise we will be pushed by the guest all the time.

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