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LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the newest release of its popular hard drive sanitation software, Active@ KillDisk. Version 11.1 sports many improvements that make securely wiping a hard drive or other storage device easier and quicker than ever.

Many computer users make the grave mistake of selling or donating their old computers and other data-bearing devices without properly deleting data stored on them. Most people simply assume that emptying the recycle bin or formatting the drive is enough, but this is simply not the case.

The truth is that deleted data remains hidden on the hard drive until another file operation overwrites it. Sometimes, the data needs to be overwritten multiple times so that it can never be recovered. Simply deleting individual files isn’t an efficient approach either, since there may be hidden copies elsewhere on the drive as well as fragments of the file occupying other sectors.

Active@ KillDisk works by overwriting the original contents of the disk with zeros, using multiple passes to guarantee effective disk sanitation per recognized government and industry standards. The latest edition provides improved handling of certificates and reports. Furthermore, the user interface has been updated to the latest version of WinPE, based on the familiar Windows 10 operating environment. The included Boot Disk software allows users to securely wipe system hard drives, since it works independently of any operating system that might be installed on your computer.

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