Juan Antonio Nino Is a Successful Panamanian Banking Expert

Juan Antonio Nino is a highly successful man in the banking industry who had his education from the national university of Panama where he has done BS, economics and later completed his MS economics from the University of North Wales. He began his career as a banking executive at the National Bank of Panama in the department of compensations and current accounts and later become the treasurer of the bank. When the Panama bank has integrated with the development sectors industrial and agriculture bank, he has become a member in the livestock development program that has been launched by the World Bank. During his tenure in the Bank of Panama Juan Antonio Nino has gained lot of expertise in handling the administrative duties and also handing any type of complex issues that rose in the day to day operations of the bank. His responsibilities also included to evaluate credit and collateral files, document and organise financial transactions and also compile file reports that are key for the top management to take decisions. He is also responsible to ensure that the bank is in compliance to the state and federal laws of banking.

With his vast experience in the banking sector Juan Antonio Nino later became the executive vice president of the Confederate Bank of Latin America. During his stint with the bank he has expanded many subsidiaries that reached out to 27 across Panama enhancing the banks reputation in the financial market. He also later became the vice president and general manager of Banco Uno Panama and under his direction the bank turned out to become the country’s leading credit card financing entity. The bank climbed to the 10th position in this category under his able leadership. Apart from his years of experience in banking industry, Juan Antonio further expanded his business knowledge by completing many certification programs from the Wharton school of business and also at Harvard University.

Along with his professional commitments and success in his career Juan Antonio Nino is also an active social worker who has contributed his services to the Lions club. He has been a part in the social activities of the Lions Club which is active in more than 200 countries across the world helping out people through the development of community projects for the betterment of the society. Juan Antonio also recently took part in the program organised by the NGO women that works for the vulnerable populations and their sustainable development.

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