Joloda’s Powered Cargo Roller System Provides Safe and Efficient Aircargo Loading

To reduce downtime and common problems met in aircargo loading, Joloda offers the Powered Cargo Roller System, which can transport up to 20,000 kg without product damage.

[LIVERPOOL, 08/06/2018] – Joloda, a specialist in loading and unloading skate and track systems, offers the Powered Cargo Roller System (PCRS), which automatically loads and unloads aircargo containers. A case study conducted on a client saw reduced maintenance and service times with the use of the PCRS.

Safe and Efficient Loading for Air ULDs

The Powered Cargo Roller System is designed with the rise and fall mechanism of DC 24V rollers used alongside Joloda’s Pneumatic Rollertrack. This technology produces a safe and efficient automatic loading system for aircargo pallets, seamlessly moving them from the aircraft to airside or roadside storage three times faster compared to using tow tugs and dollies without the worry of side loading.

The system can carry a maximum of 20,000 kg with zero risk of product damage. Loads can be in the form of either five unit load devices (ULD) or a combination of two aircargo pallets and one ULD bin. The PCRS’ polyurethane roller surface provides load stability and grip for a longer roller life.

Testing the Efficiency of the PCRS

Joloda conducted a case study on a client to prove the efficiency of the Powered Cargo Roller System. The client replaced their old system and used the PCRS. They found that loading aircargo to the airside was more efficient and took less time than their old system.

The PCRS provides more control of the airside and the cargo to the driver or the operator. The driver or the operator can start or stop the loading process safely with the help of automatic buttons.

About Joloda

Established in 1962, Joloda has become a trusted expert in designing, manufacturing and engineering loading solutions for air, land and sea. The company has supplied more than 500,000 loading systems to household name brands including Coca-Cola, DHL, FedEx, BMX and Unilever.

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