Conduct Air Conditioning Installs and Repairs Reverse Cycle Split System AC Units for Reduced Energy Consumption

Conduct Air Conditioning, an Australian air conditioner company, distributes split system air conditioners to help customers reduce energy consumption and monthly costs.

[YAGOONA, 08/06/2018] — Conduct Air Conditioning, an Australian provider of air conditioning systems and services, is an authorised distributor of split system air conditioners that help customers reduce their energy consumption and, as a result, cut down on electricity bill costs.

Split System Air Conditioning Units

The company sells, installs and repairs various models of split system air conditioners. A split system consists of indoor and outdoor mechanisms that have different tasks in providing cool air. The indoor is mounted on the wall of the room unit and has an air filter, a fan and a cooling coil. The outdoor unit contains a compressor, an expansion coil and a condenser coil. Both units are connected through suction tubing, a condensate drain, a power connection and refrigerant tubing.

Conduct Air Conditioning’s split system AC units are available for both residential and commercial clients. To give customers even greater savings, the company offers discounted rates on services. Customers may contact the company or speak to a representative to plan an installation when needed.

The Advantage of Split Systems

Since split systems use electrical wires and tubing instead of ductwork, air goes directly from the outdoor unit and into the indoor unit. This process lowers the chances of energy loss. Split systems are also highly flexible systems since outdoor units may be connected to up to four indoor units that provide cool air for multiple rooms. For maximum comfort, customers may tweak temperature control in each area.

About Conduct Air Conditioning

Conduct Air Conditioning has more than thirty years of experience in the AC industry and is fully equipped to provide solutions for residential and commercial air conditioning requirements. Their team of experts also services major brands such as LG, Fujitsu, Daikin and Samsung.

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