Wheelchairs Market in Healthcare Market – A New Leap in Healthcare Industry to Tranform Medical Future

An electric wheelchair, also referred to as power wheelchair is a wheelchair that is driven with the help of an electric motor and not manual efforts. These electric wheelchairs are light-weight and provide mobility in a light package. The electric wheelchairs provide compact size, and are ideal for confined spaces and narrow doorways.
Objectives of the report are as follows:
Factors promoting the rate of adoption of electric wheelchairs include ease of mobility, increasing elderly population across the globe, convenience, and high demand for advanced wheelchairs from the sports industry, as large number of sports events are planned for disabled persons for example wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, and others. Also, the increasing automation trend resulting in enhanced investment returns and cost optimization are futher driving the market growth. These electric chairs are durable, adjustable as well as possess special seats with soft pads especially for orthopedic patients. Rise in aged population, requirement of automated wheelchair for disabled population and rise in disposable income of people are the major factors fuelling the wheelchairs market growth.
However, factors such as high price of electric wheel chair as well as lack of awareness and infrastructure, such as broken pathways, non-availability of ramps in buses & trains for wheelchair users hamper the rate of adoption of electrical wheelchairs.
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Market Segments:
The global wheelchairs market is segmented based on product type and region. Depending on product type, the wheelchairs market is classified into centre wheel drive, front wheel drive, standing electric wheelchair, rear wheel drive, and others. Among these market segments, the centre and front wheel drive segments are high in demand and comprise of combined market share of over 60% in global electric wheelchairs market.
Wheelchair Market by Product Type:
• Manual wheelchair
• Front wheel drive
• Power wheelchair
• Rear wheel drive
• Central Wheel drive
• Standing electric wheelchair
Rise in the number of spinal cord injuries, elderly population, technological enhancements and high rate of adoption of artificial intelligence are factors propelling the high adoption of electrical wheelchairs. In the U.S, there is a rise in the number of serious traumatic spinal cord injuries owing to accidents and falls. The present number of senior citizens are highly active thereby resulting in balance and cognitive issues that contributes to high risk for falls.
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In the developing economies, there is an excessive demand for automation and automatic operation of wheelchairs among customers. The major factors leading to high rate of adoption of automated electric wheelchairs include busy lifestyle and sophistication in daily life activities. Owing to an increase in the working professionals as well as elderly population, there are time constraints for offering assistance with manual wheelchairs, which has led to an increased demand for power wheelchairs. Additionally, electric wheelchairs provide independence as well as convenience of usage that provides ease of control resulting in instantaneous turns as well as path changing options.
Key vendors in this market are –
Some of the industry players in wheelchairs market include GF Health Products, Inc., Pride Mobility Products Corp., OttoBock Healthcare GmbH, LEVO AG Sunrise Medical Limited, Drive Medical Ltd., Karman Healthcare, Permobil AB, Invacare Corporation, and MEYRA GmbH.
Global Wheelchairs Market, by Geography:
• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Rest of the World
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