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1. In agricultural engineering, SSAW steel pipes in sewage pipes also play a role. Irrigation pipes, deep well pipes, drainage pipes, etc., help farmers to save a lot of energy.

2. In the process of transporting petroleum, spiral welded steel pipes of sewage pipes serve as pipelines for protection.

3. Sewage discharge spiral steel pipe application industry in coal mines, power plants, sewage disposal, fire protection, petroleum, municipal engineering, chemical industry, highway product applications.

4. During the establishment of the city, Spiral Pipes for Sewage Pipe Welded Steel Pipes are used in high-rise construction of water supply, heating network heating, water supply engineering, fire protection delivery, buried water transportation, etc., and have made many contributions to the establishment of the municipal government.

5. In coal mine engineering, Spiral-welded steel pipes for sewage pipelines mainly serve as underground coal mines, water supply and drainage, downhole shotcrete, positive and negative pressure ventilation, drainage gas, and fire sprinkler.

6. In power plants, SSAW steel pipes for sewage pipelines are mainly used as process water waste residue and backwater protection pipelines for thermal power plants.
The construction of water conservancy projects requires very high requirements for the use of materials. Water conservancy projects are mostly constructed by government departments. The cost for the completion of a project is relatively high. There are several hundred million or even several tens of billions of cases. Use is just one of many materials. The implementation of water conservancy projects can stimulate the development of the spiral pipe market. There is a certain relationship between the two.

Facing the downturn of the spiral pipe market in the past year, the construction of large-scale water conservancy projects will inevitably drive the development of the spiral pipe market. In the construction of water conservancy, spiral pipe is an indispensable material. The construction of dams, pools, and drains in water conservancy projects requires a large number of spiral pipes such as spiral steel pipes, wire rods, and round steel, etc. In water conservancy projects, a large number of steel pipes and various types of matching valves are required for pipeline engineering.