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LSoft Technologies, an industry-leading developer of disk utilities and other configuration and data applications, has just launched version 13 of Active@ Boot Disk along with updated versions of its popular set of tools. The newest edition introduces the latest versions of Disk Image, UNDELETE, File Recovery, Partition Recovery and Password Changer, along with many other useful tools. Whether your goal is to recover deleted data and hard drive partitions, securely erase storage devices or repair a computer that refuses to boot, Active@ Boot Disk has you covered. Operating in its own environment independent of your system hard drive, you can boot into the familiar Windows 10-based environment and carry out various tasks to diagnose, configure, troubleshoot and repair your computer.

The latest version of Active@ Boot Disk has been overhauled and is now based on the WinPE 10.0.16299.15 environment, which is based on build 1709 of Windows 10. Furthermore, extensive customization features have been added, which users can save to a bootable USB drive. You can even install third-party applications, create and configure your own desktop shortcuts and user menus and save all your changes. Even if your computer refuses to boot or it doesn’t contain a functional system drive at all, this suite of tools provides everything you need for data backup, recovery, secure deletion and more. You’ll also find a raft of useful everyday utilities, including a web browser, document viewer, image viewer, calculator, notepad, network configurator and more.

To get started with Active@ Boot Disk, visit today.