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Clements Electric provides electrical and lighting solutions to prevent power disruptions and to keep Dallas Fort Worth households safe.

[MANSFIELD, 6/7/2018] — A home’s electrical system is similar to the body’s circulatory system. Much as the human heart functions, the electrical panel controls and pumps the power that keeps the system working. Furthermore, as the veins and arteries, the circuits distribute the power to the entire system. Hence, homeowners must keep their electric panel up-to-date to avoid electricity and safety issues.

Clements Electric, a go-to electrical company in Dallas Fort Worth, has a team of trained and certified electricians who provide safe electrical panel changes for local homeowners. It has over 30 years of experience with electrical and lighting work; it takes pride in quality work that comes at a fair price.

Recommendations for Electrical Panel Changes

Electrical panels may become damaged or grow obsolete over time — especially when they are in properties or homes that are over two decades old. In this case, they may cause power disruptions. Old or damaged panels may even compromise the safety of the house and the people in it. For this reason, Clements Electric recommends an electrical panel change for local homeowners.

Homeowners may consider contacting the company for a panel change when they experience flickering or dimming lights when they turn on major home appliances. They may also consider panel change when their current one frequently feels too hot to touch.

Furthermore, homeowners may consider an electrical panel change when they have a split-buss type panel or if they have one from any of these brands that are already off the market:

• Federal Pacific
• I-T-E Pushmatic
• Zinsco

Clements Electric’s team of electricians provide safe and high-quality electrical panel changes to keep the system healthy and the household safe.

About Clements Electric

Clements Electric is a trusted team of electricians in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. The family-owned-and- operated company opened in 1982. Since then, it makes sure to meet the electrical, lighting, and safety needs of local homeowners.

The company has over three decades of experience in troubleshooting and repair. As such, it addresses electrical and lighting issues to help homeowners save money in the long run. Book an appointment, today, at