New Online Question Creation Service

Redmond, WA, June 5, 2018

Quillionz, the much-awaited AI-assisted online question creation service, will soon be launched by Harbinger Group, a global leader in learning solutions. According to the company, Quillionz promises to be a game changer for subject-matter experts, trainers, teachers, instructional designers, and e-learning producers looking for a fast, convenient, and affordable way to develop questions and assessments.

Surveys of eLearning designers’ work patterns reveal that creating simple questions for knowledge checks and assessments consumes a sizeable share of time and effort. Quillionz promises to simplify that aspect of design work. Quillionz leverages the power of AI algorithms and the expertise of seasoned instructional designers to create questions efficiently.

Explaining how the new product will work, Mukta Paranjape, a Quillionz developer, said, “Once a user uploads their content into Quillionz, the AI platform creates a host of suitable questions from the users’ content within seconds. The Quillionz team of instructional design experts then reviews and curates these questions and handpicks the best for the users to download.”

Quillionz is scheduled to release in a few weeks, and will be available as a subscription service based on user seats and question count. The Quillionz website released today features a product video, support materials, and pricing plans.

When asked about this unique model which brings together artificial and human intelligence, Dr. Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Harbinger Group, said, “The next technological revolution in eLearning design is imminent; but AI alone isn’t enough. Today’s cutting-edge technology lacks instructional designers’ expertise and linguistic awareness. Without human intelligence, artificial intelligence will fail to deliver. The Quillionz team understands that a tenable solution to leverage AI in eLearning design must include human intervention—a collaboration between AI and humans, if you will.”

Patrice Johnson, Senior Manager, Curriculum for Becker Professional Education commented, “Writing good multiple choice questions to cover a topic area can be the hardest part of the content development process. From what I have seen with Quillionz, it can help save valuable time and money by getting the question writing process started for technical writers.”

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Media Contact:
Prathamesh Landge
Marketing Executive
Harbinger AI Inc.